With xHosting CYou, you will have access to a super handy website generator. It’s really easy to get the knack of and it offers an interface that is sure to be instantly familiar to everyone who has ever dealt with an admin panel. The website generator boasts a range of eye–pleasing design templates which you can customize with a mouse click and produce a website to your taste. And last but not least, every site theme is responsive, so your new site will look great on any device right away.

The website generator is a part of the xHosting CYou Web Site Control Panel, present with all cloud hosting, VPS servers, Linux semi-dedicated hosting plans, and dedicated web hosting plans packages.

A simple to use website generator

No web development know–how is necessary

The key advantage of the xHosting CYou’s website generator is that it is truly simple as ABC. It operates with content elements which you can add, modify and move around as you wish. In any moment, you can insert photos and videos, start a blog, or get a shop cart on your site, all with just a click.

You can do it all and set up a good–looking website without the need to pen even a single line of PHP, HTML or MySQL, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A set of easy to re–design templates

Super cool site templates that look superb on every type of device

It doesn’t matter what type of website you wish to create, the xHosting CYou’s website generator will offer a solution for you. It has a huge library of free–of–charge templates that are applicable for any sort of websites – personal profiles, e–shops, community boards, and so on.

To make your websites even more modern–looking from the very start you can utilize the range of different layout schemes and color configurations present with each site theme. Last but not least, every theme has built–in support for well over 100 different web fonts which can be changed with just a mouse click. And to top it all off, you will gain complete access to a vast collection of licensed images.

And if you wish to change your website theme further down the road, all tweaks you have made will be carried over to the new site theme automatically.

A set of easy to re–design templates

Built–in knowledge base and step–by–step video tutorials

Find out exactly how uncomplicated it indeed is to kickstart a website

The xHosting CYou’s website generator has a helpdesk which features comprehensive how–to articles and videos influenced by the most frequently asked questions by users.

You’ll be able to see how to modify your site theme and create an all new web page. Plus, you’ll be able to learn exactly how you can select an alternative theme or even embed an e–shop onto your website.

Also, you could reach out to us at any moment if you require prompt help with your website.

Video Tutorials